This is a listing and description of what I would need to make up a custom chart for you. Use this to guide your message to me.

What you have

What I need from you

A digital image - .gif, .jpg, .bmp or other (ask me if I can convert it)

The image and either the number of stitches (height x width) you want the chart to be, or the size (h x w) you want the stitched piece to be and the count of the cloth you'll be stitching it on.

A photograph, picture cut out of a magazine, or other hard-copy image

If possible, a scan of the image. If not, you can mail me the picture and I'll mail it back when the chart is done.
NOTE: I will not make a chart directly from any copyrighted work, unless commissioned by the copyright owner. If you send me a magazine picture I will draw something like it as the chart - I won't use the image directly. For a specific image (as opposed to a landscape or such), particularly one with people in it, I need permission to create the chart from the copyright owner.
I will also need the size, as above.

An idea what you want

A very thorough idea what you want. "A sofa" - two or three cushions? Overstuffed or with hard arms? Do the legs show or does it have a skirt? What is it made of, and what color(s)/pattern(s)? "A dog" - breed? Color and patterns? Size? Position? Anything with it (a ball?) The more information you can give me to start with, the less time it will take me to get all I need to make the chart, and the cheaper the chart will be*.
And of course, the size as above is necessary.


I charge according to complication. If you give me a clear digital image of a small piece and tell me the size in your initial contact, it may cost $5 or less. If you want a 100x100-stitch piece and I have to send you a dozen emails to find out exactly what you want, or make several charts before you're satisfied, it may cost $50. I will give you the (approximate) cost in my first reply.


Note also that I retain copyright to my charts; you have the right to stitch it whenever you want (you bought the chart) but not the right to sell the chart or something you stitched from it. If you want to use one of my charts to make items for sale, contact me; it may be possible depending on circumstances.

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